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About Massage

Massage has been used for relaxation, healing, pain relief, and for beautifying the body since ancient times with the earliest evidence about 4,000 years ago.

Day to day stress

Today, massage is increasingly valued for its role in countering day to day stress. Work-related tension, whether it is from sitting at a desk for long periods or doing hard physical labour, can be eased through massage.

Injury, illness and age

Massage can help to heal injuries and regular massage can help prevent injuries from recurring, thus reducing dependence on pills for pain-relief.

Whilst massage is no replacement for exercise, it can provide a useful tonic when mobility is limited such as during periods of recovery from illness or during pregnancy. It can help to keep the joints oiled and the muscles pliable as we age and it can form an important part of a health regime for people with long-term health conditions.

Nurturing touch

Another fundamental purpose for massage is the provision of nurturing touch. Touch is instinctive from birth, a basic human need which is often un-met in today's world.

Regular Massage

Massage is not a quick-fix or an overnight cure. Like all natural approaches to healing, massage can help to correct imbalances in the body gradually, over time. The benefits are accumulative and therefore, a course of treatments will have more long-term and far-reaching results than just one session.


Massage can be defined as the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for a curative effect. Soft tissues are tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, fibrous tissues, fat, and synovial membranes (which are connective tissue), and muscles, nerves and blood vessels (which are not connective tissue). When massaged, soft tissues become more pliable, promoting circulation, increasing the supply of fresh, oxygenated blood to the area and the removal of unwanted waste products.
Rame Massage Clinic
Rame Massage Clinic
Rame Massage Clinic
Rame Massage Clinic
Rame Massage Clinic

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